Safeguard F & G

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard F & G

Risks of reversals and displacement of emissions of the REDD+ PAMs will be addressed through the MRV and national forest monitoring system.


Core elements of Cambodia’s clarification of safeguard F & G:

  1. Addressing

Safeguard E

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard E 

The National REDD+ Strategy will be implemented to promote the conservation of natural forests and biodiversity, the enhancement of social and environmental benefits, and will not result in the conversion of natural forests.


Core elements

Safeguard D

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard D

The right to participate, in an effective manner including how Free Prior Informed Consent for relevant original ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples and local communities will be recognized and  promoted under the

Safeguard C

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard C

The REDD+ Strategy will be implemented in accordance to the rights of recognition of, and respect for the rights of original ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples and local communities; including the rights to non-discrimination, traditional knowledge

Safeguard B

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard B

The rights of access to information, accountability, justice, gender equality, land tenure and fair distribution of benefits will be clarified, respected and promoted in the scope of the application of the National REDD+ strategy.


Safeguard A

Cambodia interpretation of safeguard A

The REDD+ Strategy is designed in compliance with the objectives of national forestry policies, considering jurisdictional arrangements, and consistent with provisions of the relevant treaties and international conventions to which Cambodia is a ratified party.